b"AMARDEEPKAT & SUEDOHIL @ the.24.7.foodie@makanmalaysiaukSIGNATURE DISH:www.makanmalaysia.co.uk A Dhaba lamb curry. SIGNATURE DISH: FAVOURITE LINGHAMSNasi lemak with rendangCHILLI SAUCE:FAVOURITE LINGHAMS Garlic and Ginger. CHILLI SAUCE: BIO:EXTRA HOT!I have always had a passionKAT & SUES SWEET & SPICYBIO: AMARDEEPS CHILLI PANEER for cooking and travelling toWe're Kat and Sue, 2 best PREP: 30 MINUTESCOOK: 15 MINUTESSERVES: 2-3 taste amazing foods of theROASTED RAINBOW TROUT friends from Malaysia who world. Coming from a foodiePREP: 25 MINUTESCOOK: 20 MINUTESSERVES: 2 turned our passion for food family, I first got into cookinginto a catering and street INGREDIENTS METHOD through my father, who is anINGREDIENTS METHOD food company 2 years ago. 250G PANEER CUT IN TO BITESIZED CHUNKS Add all the batter ingredients except for the waterabsolutely incredible cook.2 FILLETS OF HIGH QUALITY FISH,Preheat oven to 180C. With the start of lockdown 1 RED PEPPER into a large bowl and mix well. Slowly add theThe key for me is flavourROUGHLY 250G PER PERSON.In a medium bowl, mix Linghams Extra Hotweve had to pivot our 1 GREEN PEPPER water and stir to create a batter. flavour flavour! I've beenWE USE BROOKLEAS RAINBOW TROUT chilli sauce, dark soy sauce and garlic. business to a completely 1 RED ONION Add the paneer chunks to the batter and coat well.using Lingham's sauces in75 ML LINGHAMS EXTRA HOTonline model which has my cooking for over 10Add fish and let marinate for at least 20been an equally challenging 4 GARLIC CLOVES, MINCED Chop the peppers into bite-sized chunks, quarteryears, so I'm excited to beCHILLI SAUCE minutes. and amazing experience. It THUMB SIZED PIECE OF GINGER, JULIENNED a red onion, separating each of the layers. sharing some of my recipes50ML DARK SOY SAUCE Bake in the oven, skin side down for 5has always been our 1 GREEN CHILLI, CHOPPED FINEIn another bowl, combine all of the saucewith you. You can follow my1 CLOVE OF GARLIC, MINCED minutes. mission to share the unique 2 SPRING ONIONS, SLICED FINE ingredients and mix well. cooking journey onFlip fish carefully and cook for a furtherflavours and rich culture of 2 GREEN CHILLIES SLIT LENGTHWISEHeat a few inches of vegetable oil in a large pan. Instagram using the handle:GARNISH 15 minutes. Malaysia with as many (OPTIONAL)Simultaneously, heat a wok on medium/high heatthe.24.7.foodie 1 LIME, CUT IN HALF Plate with garnish on top, squeeze lime overpeople as possible and now RAPESEED OR SUNFLOWER OIL until hot, then add a tsp of rapeseed or sunflower2 SPRING ONIONS fish just before eating! Best served withwe sell home-cooked ready VEGETABLE OIL FOR FRYING oil. Once hot, add your peppers and onions and1 RED CHILLI DICED freshly steamed white rice. to heat Malaysian meals all pan fry for 5 minutes tossing occasionally, untilacross the UK in completely FOR THE SAUCE the vegetables become seared yet still retain their crispness. Once done, set the vegetables aside. recyclable and compostable 3 TBSP LINGHAM'S ORIGINAL CHILLI SAUCE Once your frying oil is hot, fry half the paneer forchilled packaging for 3 TBSP LIGHT SOY SAUCE around 45 seconds before draining. Repeat withABOUT OUR DISH guilt-free ordering!1/4 TSP CORNFLOUR the remaining half of the paneer. This sweet and spicy fish recipe has become our go to meal when FOR THE BATTER Return to your wok and add a tbsp of rapeseed orwere rushed for time and in need for something delicious and sunflower oil. Fry the garlic for 30 seconds, beforesatisfying as it is quick and easy to make. 2 TBSP CORNFLOUR adding the ginger, chopped green chilli andThe Extra Hot chilli sauce from Linghams is balanced with rich flavours 2 TBSP RICE FLOUR OR PLAIN FLOUR lengthwise-cut chillies (optional). Stir to combinefrom dark soy sauce and the freshly squeezed lime takes this whole 1/2 TSP KASHMIRI RED CHILLI POWDER and cook for a further 30-45 seconds. recipe to zingy heights!1/2 TSP WHITE PEPPER Add sauce mix, stir well and cook for 30 seconds.1/2 TSP GARLIC POWDER Add the battered paneer chunks, peppers and 1/4 TSP SALT onions and then toss to combine.3 TBSP WATER Turn off the heat, add the spring onions and serve immediately."